Faithful Shepherd Council 7604

Knights of Columbus – Eagan, Minnesota

A Knight's Tale

Dan Dixon, 3rd degree Knight in Council 7604 Hello, my name is Dan Dixon and I would like to share why I joined the Knights of Columbus. My story is similar to hundreds of thousands of other men.

I grew up in a large parish in Milwaukee and knew just about everyone at 11 o'clock Mass. I also knew to whom they were related, their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, where they worked, and where they lived. At one time or another I was in their house. Though the parish was large, it was a very close community. It was not until after I left did I realize how close it was.

After college, I left Milwaukee for Dallas to find a job. For the next ten years, I moved frequently attending churches that were closest to my apartment. My main goal was to get in and get out of Mass as fast I could. If I knew someone else in Church it was a fluke.

As my young family started to grow, I desired to know the people I was sitting next to in Church and to get back to the familiarity I knew as a kid. I realized I would never get back to what I had known as a kid but wanted to get involved in parish activities.

How does a 30-year-old man reconnect with the Church? How can I get involved? For whatever reason I never felt comfortable at these meetings. I thought others were thinking, "Who is this guy that suddenly started showing up?"

After a few months, of going to one or two various meetings I saw something that changed my life. Guys with swords in Church! I was fascinated! Who were these guys with the feather in their cap and fancy uniforms? It was the fourth degree of the Knights of Columbus.

Because the parish I grew up in did not have a Knight's council, I knew nothing about them. After a little research, I found out that they were always looking for new members and I joined the Knights.

After a dignified ceremony I felt like I belonged. It did not feel awkward attending meetings or asking questions. The men in the council were very active in every part of parish life. If I had questions about a parish committee, more than likely another Knight was on that committee. I would venture to say, one would be hard pressed to think of a question about civic or Church life that could not be answered at a council meeting.

The Knights provided me the opportunity through charitable and social activities to connect to the parish. As a result I was able to springboard into other functions at the parish and learn the names of the people at Mass.

Some time later, I moved from Dallas to Eagan. Once again, I was at a parish where I knew no one. Again, the Knights provided me the opportunity to meet others in a social and charitable setting. It was a much easier transition this time because I was already a member of the Knights.

If you are new to the parish or have been here a few years and are looking to reconnect – the Knights of Columbus may help you like it helped me. The Knightly experience is one where you get out of it what you put in.